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  • Dogs have needs that can be compounded to allow an owner to afford to medicate their pet instead of giving them up.  Fludrocortisone is a drug used to treat Addison’s disease.  Our compounded fludrocortisone capsules are a less expensive alternative to the tablets from the vet or the drugstore. Diethylstilbestrol capsules for urinary incontinence is another of our compounds.



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    Congaree Veterinary Pharmacy explains how the Compounding Pharmacist can help you enhance your practice. Have your office listed here on congareevetrx.com.
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    This is general information about medications for pets.  Your veterinarian should be able to give you specific information about what he prescribes for your pet. I will probably share some of my experiences in this blog and am interested in what you have questions about or would like to talk about.  I am not a veterinarian so I cannot give you