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  • As a compounding pharmacist, I give Veterinarians tools to meet the varied needs of different animals. My goal is to enhance your ability to customize therapies.
  • Dogs

    Dogs have needs that can be compounded to allow an owner to afford to medicate their pet instead of giving them up. Flidrocortisone is a drug used to treat Addison's disease....

  • Cats

    Cats are mysterious creatures that can keep us guessing or make it obvious that they know best. Our compounded cisapride is a life saver that will treat a condition cats get called mega-colon....

  • Animal Immobilization

    Animal immobilization is a niche that has been filled by our innovative concentrated drugs. Large animal veterinarians, zoo veterinarians, and wildlife biologists can use a smaller dart using our concentrations.....

  • Exotics

    Exotic animals are becoming pets to many people who have interests other than dogs and cats. Llamas, wallabies, emus, reptiles and birds are becoming more common as pets.

  • Congaree Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

    As a compounding pharmacist, I do not sell non-prescription veterinary drugs, and I do not practice veterinary medicine.

    What I do is give veterinarians the means to meet the varied needs of different animals. My intent is not to interfere with the normal dispensing of medications in veterinary medicine but to enhance your ability to customize your prescribed therapies through compounded medicines.

    The profession of pharmacy has always been based on the physician/patient/ pharmacist relationship.  Some of the conditions my compounded medicines treat are tuberculosis, skin ulcers, worms, protozoan infections, tetanus, flukes, and diarrhea.


    Terry’s Blog

    This is general information about medications for pets.  Your veterinarian should be able to give you specific information about what he prescribes for your pet. I will probably share some of my experiences in this blog and am interested in what you have questions about or would like to talk about.  I am not a veterinarian so I cannot give you advice on medicating your pet.  I make the medications, I don't give medical advice.